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My Mom

7 Dec

Today—December 7—would have been my mom’s 84th birthday. She passed away in late September.

My mom didn’t have a super-happy childhood, but all of that changed when she met my dad.

The Tragedy

In 1969, when I was very young, my parents and aunt and uncle were in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. My uncle was behind the wheel. His wife, riding shotgun, was instantly killed. (My beautiful Aunt Emma. Mother of five.) My parents were in the back seat. Of the survivors, Mom was the most seriously hurt. She was told she’d never walk again, which turned out not to be true. She also suffered a brain injury, however, from which she never fully recovered.

When I think of my mom, and my own life, I’m reminded of Isaac. Years ago in a bible study, I learned that Isaac’s life was less eventful than other Old Testament heroes. He was nearly sacrificed by his father, Abraham, but that happened when he was very young.

I don’t remember life before the crash, so I never really got to know my mother as her true self. I grew up like Isaac, in relative calm, after my family’s terrible tragedy.

One day I will write all about this, but not today. Today I celebrate my beautiful mother, Marianne, as she was—the Marianne I never got to know.

I love you, Mom.

Really Happy, Baby!

9 Oct

With the help of a group of enthusiastic little readers, Parents Magazine has chosen TummyTime™: Happy Baby as #4 in their list of the 30 Best Books of 2019. How awesome is that?

duopress rolled out their new TummyTime™ concept to the world only a few weeks ago by way of two books: Animal Parade (illustrated by Jannie Ho) and Happy Baby (illustrated by Violet Lemay), and the books are already getting noticed. Hooray!

What’s not to love? TummyTime™ books fold out, accordian-style, into play mats. The fronts are covered with full color art; flip them over for high-contrast patterns, ideal for baby’s developing eyesight. Both sides have a reflective surface to make tummy time even more fun.

Thanks to Parents, the little readers (and their parents!), and author Karen Cicero for selecting us as #4 in their list of the 30 best children’s books of 2019.

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