Sallie Lowenstein

16 Mar

Sallie Lowenstein recently featured Isabella’s Shoe Studio in her newsletter, Old Books, Young Readers. Click here to read the newsletter!

An early version of the spine + front cover/French flap.

Isabella’s Shoe Studio was my first author/illustrator credit. This Doodle Storybook is an interactive design primer for little artists. Huzzah!

Isabella is out of print now and can be difficult to find. Luckily, one of my favorite bookstores on earth, Page 158 in Wake Forest, NC, has copies in stock… and they deliver. (Thank you, Page 158!)

To order Isabella’s Shoe Studio from Page 158 Books, click here.

Sallie’s Teen Writers Group

I discovered Sallie Lowenstein and her newsletter while binge-listening to Children’s Book Insider’s Kidlit Socials on Youtube. Sallie hosts a writing group for young people in the DC area, and has for years. She and several kids from her group participated in the Kidlit Social: Teen Reader Panel on Young Adult & Middle Grade Books.

If you write or illustrate for middle grade or young adults and want to know what your audience thinks about books, this video is for you! Click here to watch.

Adventures in Bookmaking

Last month, Sallie shared her vast knowledge of books and publishing via Zoom with Baltimore Bibliophiles. Her fabulous talk, Adventures in Bookmaking, is on YouTube. Click here to see!

Old Books, Young Readers

Sallie’s free newsletter is wonderful, too! Old Books, Young Readers; Backlist and Forgotten Books for Babies Through Teens is must-read for the kidlit community. To subscribe, email Sallie at

Lion Stone Books

Besides this plethora of accomplishments, Sallie is also a fine artist who displays her words in galleries and museums across the US. And—and!—she is the publisher of Lion Stone Books. Click here to see!

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